1. fishmech:

    red panda rendezvous

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  2. if i had a nickel for every gf i didn’t have


  3. deathgripsforcutie:

    art teacher: ok today i want everyone to draw what they’re feeling



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    listening to a good song but it was in a shrek film so the entire time ur like


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    a masterpost

    fUVK HSDGUJWKEG i love this


    This is actually pissing me off. It has begun to ruin halloween for me knowing people don’t spell check. Things are massed produced in factories and sent out for sale to the public spelt spoopy, doo, and creppy. Like what the actual fuck. My computer even automatically changes spoopy to spooky. I mean, come on. The best holiday season and businesses don’t even care enough about it to spell check the items they’re gonna sell. Fuck this shit.

    come on buddy wheres your smngfiehp cheer


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  6. spicyshimmy:

    cute date idea: five year mission in space exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no man has gone before

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    Drive Through

    Instructions unclear

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  11. spacetwinks:

    i just found out that the guy who played jimmy lee in the inexplicable and practically incoherent 90s double dragon movie is the same guy who hosted iron chef america and i’m some weird out of body feeling about it

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  12. elsatrash:

    I’d really rather not

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  13. silversprocket:

    Cathy G Johnson has been nominated for this year’s Ignatz Award in “Promising New Talent” for damn good reason. Visit her and vote next month at SPX 2014. Here’s her seriously good (and unfortunately timely) comic from As You Were #3. Visit this Tumblr next week for our interview with Cathy and more arts!

    As You Were is a punk-comix anthology series featuring new stories by our favorite independent artists from punk communities around the world. The theme for issue #3 is “Big, Big Changes”, available for [purchase here from Silver Sprocket].

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  14. glowcloud:

    people run “aesthetic blogs” where they just reblog pics of like neon lights and pools of water and weird textures and stuff and i don’t really get it but i like to look at those blogs, it’s nice to know that you guys are out there, always silent, never getting into fights, just reblogging pics of wrinkled plastic bags… keep doing ur thing

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  15. spacetwinks:

    i’m gonna steal alyssa milano’s look from the double dragon movie